Website Design & Hosting

Display your practice and develop an online presence with a beautiful HPCSA compliant website for your patients to reach you.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Our websites have full mobile capability, which means the look, feel and all functionalities experienced on a computer stay consistent when viewed on a mobile device. Our data shows that a large proportion of health-seeking behavior, from gathering information to booking appointments gets done on a phone, and thus our websites are built with this in mind.

Website Designs

We create websites that are not only beautiful but are intelligently designed to ensure that people who visit the website become patients and clients. 

Integrated Booking Systems

We can create booking systems best suited to the needs of the practice. Bookings can be made from intelligent booking forms, phone calls, and WhatsApp chats. We are able to design booking systems for solo practitioners, or a multidisciplinary practice, and everything in between.

Website Hosting

Part of our mission is to reduce your admin and costs. Typically hosting a website means you will need to contract with software developers, hosting, domain name services all separately. In our website packages, we cover all these costs so you only have to contract with one party.