The Future of Proactive Healthcare

The problem with the current healthcare system

  • The modern healthcare system is reactive. 
  • A patient’s health-seeking behaviour is self-driven. Often patients present in late-stage disease which could have been prevented or mitigated by early intervention.
  • Doctors do not have time to analyse every patient’s health profile to ensure proactive healthcare. 
  • Practitioners have been vulnerable to medico-legal liabilities when patients allege that they were not informed to follow up.
  • The cost to the patient and/or healthcare system is crippling when patients develop complications from a disease.
  • While there is a shift to value-based care, there is no solution to measure adherence to a doctor’s management plan.


Our Solution

Engage Mx is an intelligent platform that recalls patients to their doctor for screening and chronic disease management based on their unique health profile.

Measurable Impact of Engage Mx


Morbidity and Mortality.


The quality of primary healthcare.


Doctors to provide proactive healthcare at scale without any additional work.


The overall cost of healthcare by ensuring patients are managed at a primary care level for longer.

Why Engage Mx?

Patient engagement builds your business and increases the likelihood of positive health outcomes. Ensuring your existing patients come back regularly encourages revenue stability and business growth so that new patients become incremental income for your business. Regular screening of your existing patients will help prevent death, disability, and disease.


The Benefits of Patient Engagement

To The Patient

  • Save lives:
  • Identifying early-stage cancer.
  • Identifying early complications in a patient with a chronic disease.
  • Decrease morbidity.
  • Improve lifestyle.

To The Doctor

  • Improve health outcomes:
  • Provide a higher quality of proactive personalised healthcare at scale to patients.
  • Improve practice reputation.
  • Increase patient satisfaction by caring for each patient proactively.
  • Improve referral base by patients and other clinicians.
  • Medical-legal protection.

Compliant with all privacy laws including:


Protection of Personal Information Act


Health Professions Council of South Africa


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)